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Yet Another Gameshow is an object show on YouTube created by Epicbattler3. To learn more about YAG, you can watch it on YouTube or continue reading this wiki. If you'd like to, you can also join The Official Yet Another Gameshow Discord Server!

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Welcome to the Yet Another Gameshow! We are a collaborative encyclopedia about Yet Another Gameshow. We have 160 articles and 1,274 files.

This wiki is run by the community. While we aim to stay as factual and true to the show as possible, we are not gospel. Information on this wiki can be incorrect, and don't refrain from doubting information and voicing your thoughts.

Yet Another Gameshow is a web-series created by Epicbattler3 on YouTube. It revolves around a bunch of anthropomorphic objects who are competing in a competition to win the grand prize of.. wait, what are they battling for?

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